The Big Deal about Bananas

Bananas have been getting a lot of headlines lately thanks to research by David Nieman, DrPH, director of the Appalachian State University Human Performance Laboratory, which is on the NC Research Campus. What could be so astounding about the fruit that top news outlets like the New York Times and Men’s Health reported on his [...]

N.C. State and Cabarrus Health Alliance Team Up to Provide Gardens for Local Schools

Doug Vernon (left) and Asma Warrich (right) Doug Vernon, Extension Outreach Specialist at the N.C. State Plants for Human Health Institute (PHHI) and Asma Warrich, REACH Program Coordinator at Cabarrus Health Alliance (CHA) work together to build school gardens in Cabarrus County and Kannapolis City Schools. During a Q & A, Doug and [...]

Kannapolis Helps Determine When Physical Declines Begin in US Adults

Physical declines- the type that can lead to loss of independence- begin sooner in life than typically detected, often when people are still in their 50s, according to a Duke Health Study released in 2016. A Duke-led team enrolled participants from across the US, including many in Kannapolis, that ranged in age from their 30s through their [...]

All in the Family

The act of eating with others may actually be good for your health. A recent study followed a diverse group of about 2,000 teens for 10 years, discovering frequency of family meals during adolescence significantly correlated with reduced odds of becoming overweight or obese in young adulthood compared with never eating family meals growing up. This is [...]