Orville Peck has established himself as an enigmatic and unique country artist, and it looks like hes found someone special to share his life with. The singer-songwriter is reportedly dating actor Jake Cannavale. The two have been spotted out together multiple times in the past few months, sparking rumors that they are officially a couple.

Cannavale is the son of Tony Award-winning actor Bobby Cannavale, and has starred in shows like Boardwalk Empire, Nurse Jackie, and Ozark. He is known for his undeniable charm and witty sense of humor. Meanwhile, Peck is a fierce performer who never fails to captivate audiences with his trademark fringed mask and haunting voice.

The two reportedly first met through mutual friends, and instantly hit it off. Theyve taken turns accompanying each other to events and have even been spotted on vacation together. While neither one has spoken publicly about the relationship, fans have been speculating about the potential romance for months.

While the two clearly have chemistry both on and off the stage, they are keeping their relationship under wraps for now. Still, that hasnt stopped fans from shipping them hard or speculating about their budding romance. Well just have to wait and see if they make any official announcements or confirm their relationship status in the near future.