Octavia Spencer dating rumors have been circulating for years, but the award-winning actress has been consistently coy about her love life. Although Spencer has dated in the past and alluded to having a special someone in her life, the identity of her partner remains a mystery.

Fans have speculated that Spencer may be dating her friend and co-star, actor Michael Ealy. The two have often posted pictures together on social media and have been spotted together at numerous red carpet events over the years. However, neither has confirmed any kind of relationship between them.

In an interview with US Weekly in 2016, Spencer revealed that she was dating someone but was not ready to go public with their relationship. She stated that she was in a "very loving and wonderful relationship" and that she wanted to keep it private out of respect for her partner. Although Spencer didn't give any clues as to who her mystery man might be, fans continue to hope that it is Ealy.

Overall, Octavia Spencer's love life remains a mystery. Despite numerous dating rumors, the actress refuses to reveal the identity of her partner. However, her close friendship with Michael Ealy has given fans a glimmer of hope that the two may be more than friends.