If youre thinking of dating my daughter, then you should know that I have 8 simple rules for you to follow. First, always remember that you treat my daughter with the utmost respect. She is a person with her own wants, needs, and opinions and she should be treated as such. Second, always be honest with her. Not only will it make your relationship better and stronger, but it will also make me trust you more.

Third, remember that you are not the only person in her life. I may be her parent, but Im also her friend and I want to make sure she has a great time as well as respecting her boundaries. Fourth, always stay true to yourself. Dont try to be someone youre not just to impress her, because it wont last. Fifth, be kind. Respect her opinions and views, even if they differ from yours. Sixth, dont be too pushy. Give her the space she needs to discover herself and find out what she wants in life.

Seventh, dont rush things. Take your time getting to know each other before deciding if this is a relationship worth pursuing. And finally, eighth, remember that Im here to talk if you need help or advice. I wont be overbearing, but I will be present to give you guidance if needed. If you follow these 8 simple rules for dating my daughter, then you will have a wonderful relationship with her and with me!